Research Changes in Time

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I have attached a link to a meme I found on the Internet. The meme states, " Back in my day, surveys were 6 hours long and 8 times as boring." It's accompanied by a picture of an old man.
I found this meme relative to the research blog because we have spent a lot of class time discussing how effective research methods are changing. Today, men and women live busy lifestyles and tend not to take the time to fill out email or direct mail surveys. Many homes have cell phones rather then land lines, and door-to-door marketing has become rather obsolete. Due to these changes in social norms, it's more important than ever for surveys to be brief and simple, and an added incentive can help improve participation. For example, offering a participant five dollars to complete a survey would be a nice bonus. It's also important to consider the objective of a survey when choosing a medium. for example, don't call consumers and ask them to take a survey that's 40 minutes, because they most likely won't spend that much time on the phone.


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