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MDG Responses

During the honors presentation in lecture goal 3, promote gender equality and empower women, stood out to me. They had some really great ideas about how to promote gender equality and empowering women, however it seems that a large part of their presentation didn't focus on their goal. Not that the information was bad or incorrect, it just seemed like they research an entirely different goal then goal 3. In my opinion they put way too much emphasis on providing better schooling for the communities and how that would make a difference and how it would help to improve the conditions for the people of community. I don't think that they made enough connections to how improving the school conditions would help promote equality and empower women, i think they focused it too much on just improving the school conditions which would be great if they were doing goal 2 about achieving primary education. However i though the rest of their presentation was well done.

Another presentation that stood out to me was goal 7 about environmental sustainability from my discussion section. They talked about how it is now becoming profitable for oil companies like BP to go into Canada and dill for their crude synthetic oil and how it is very costly and is damaging to the environment because they are wiping out basically entire forests. They made good points about how BP is marketing themselves a company that is going green but they actually aren't because of all the damage they are doing to the environment and how costly it is to make the fuel and how sometimes it takes more fuel to produce fuel than what that fuel will actually make.