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Home is Where the Heart is

There is a difference between house and home.

My home is a place with feelings and character connected. It is what creates the emotions that I feel when I think of it. A place which is where my family gathers, everyone supports one another. My home is a meeting place and my rock. A place where I have personal stabillity; guarenteed support and love. My home is open, warm, caring and inviting.

My house is a space with walls and ceilings and floors. The wood floors are a honey brown color and the walls are warm colors of cream and butter. The house has peaked high ceilings and large bay windows. The house allows for sunlight to seep into my home and to look out over the nature surrounding it. My house is a remodeled rambler and has that updated look.

My Orientation at this place is knowing that this is my home. This is where my childhood took place and where my family meets. This is where I will always be welcome.

My Identification is that my house is in Minnetonka, a small suburb in Minnesota. My house is located on Spring Lake Road. A small, curvy road that is dense with trees, flowers, and shrubs. A road where the houses aren't packed in tight, where everyone has a front and back yeard.

My house and home are a place specific for me but general to everyone. It's Genius Loci are all of these things bonded together into one thing, mi casa.