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After the last couple lectures listening to Ozayr talk about oppositions I began to think about the world a little differently. When asked to write about oppositions I immediately thought of humans and our opposition against nature. That as humans our population is growing so fast that we are displacing nature. Sadly enough, nature is what provides us with the power and energy to continue to grow. In essence we are biting the hand that feeds us.

My first example of this is the rainforest and it's destruction. It is estimated that every year 10 to 12 million acres of rain forests are being completely destroyed. If this continues than it is estimated that by 2010, 50 percent of the world's rain forests will be detroyed. Humans need trees for oxygen, paper, fire, shade and many other things. We CAN'T destroy the rainforest because we need it to survive.
There are many resolutions to this opposition but something needs to be done now. We could protect the rainforests as an endangered "species" because humans need the rainforest and the animals living in the forest need the trees and environment to stay the same. If this changes than these animals will disappear as well. We need to make an effort to protect the rainforest before we can expect change to happen. In my mind it is also very necessary to begin conscienciously building our houses. We need to try and cut down on suburban sprawl and especially work on not destroying our environment. This may mean building up instead of out. It could also mean building a house that encompasses the trees and supports its environment. Working around something instead of destroying it.

Another opposition is between little corner store treasures and the construction of Condiminiums. I grew up in Minnetonka and one of our corner store treasures was a restaurant called Gold Nugget. Gold Nugget is a teeny hole in the wall burger joint that has been in the Glen Lake square for a very long time. Recently there have been alot of developers building condominiums in Glen Lake and they bought Gold Nugget and are going to turn it into condos. You may ask yourself, what is going to happen to this restaurant? To this jewel that everyone in the surrounding area loved and felt as if they had discovered it? As of right now nobody knows if Gold Nugget will move locations because there is no place for them to move. Minnetonka lost its jewel to some more condos.

And lastly, it never ceases to amaze me how much the Gophers stink at defeating their opposition (every football team in our division besides Tempe and barely NDSU, wow)
A resolution, fire Glen Mason.