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The Devastation After the Unimaginable


I chose the Tsunami which happened in the Indian Ocean in 2004 as my phenomena. I feel that this is something that greatly affects the people of this world and changed many lives. A phenomena is something that impacts peoples lives whether spirirtually or physically. This tsunami impacted people's lives both physically by destroying the places where people lived and interacted and by destroying their beings. Their families, lives, and feelings were ripped apart and demolished in a matter of minutes. People's entire lives changed.

The tsunami falls into the category of things because one can feel it, hear it, and see it. It is graspable in the physical realm to human beings. The tsunami also displaces space by both displacing the cities it destroys and changing the way of the ocean. The tsunami has mass, size, and is measurable. The tsunami in the Indian Ocean measured a 9.0 on the richter scale.

The tsunami also falls into the category of frameworks because it has a relationship between it's power and the destruction it causes. It's power also has a relationship between the size of the tsunami.

Clockwork is also an aspect of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The tsunami rose out of the ocean, destroyed it's target than disappeared back into the ocean. This is also timewise and because of it's physical properties it can be potentially be predictable. Although, the 2004 tsunami was not predictable and very sudden. The tsunami also has a retreat and rise cylce which occurs every 30 minutes during the tsunami.

A beautiful day.
The sun shining down,
while children play.
All smiling faces, not one frown.

The water began to swell.
People began to run for higher ground.
Screams and cries make me feel I'm in hell,
Our lives suddenly not so sound.

After the tsunami died away,
The sun was still as bright as a yellow school bus,
But the children didn't play.
The destructed silence fell upon us.