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Creative Mathmatics

It is ironic that architecture and mathematics can be so related. I think of architecture as being very free flowing and interpretational whereas I view math to be very strict and precise. To think of two very different disciplines being interconnected is an interesting idea which allows us to open our eyes to other disciplines or ideas we might also think of as being disconnected. Maybe now we can find the connection.

The Freedom Tower, 9/11 Memorial

This image is a mesh of mathematics and architecture because of it's purpose and structure. The shape of the building, the mass of materials, the height, the width, the "guts" of why the building stands are all based upon mathematics. Based upon equations and shapes, things that have specific answers and solutions. However, much of this building is based on architecture. This building is designed for rememberance and to signify moving on in a more informed manner because this happened. It is designed to provoke thought and feeling while still fit in with the culture of the surrounding area. This is something that can only be achieved through architecture because there is no set answer, only any interpretation of one solution.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is also an excellent example of the connection between mathematics and architecture. The mathematics of this building are very important because of all the lines and curves and how they support the structure; how the shape, weight and base can affect this buildings for better or worse. However the mathematics allow the building to take shape of a beautiful organic form which one would not think comes from math. Math allows the natural architecture of this exqusite building to be possible and architecure allows for math to generate a feeling.

The Louvre, the inverted pyramid
Louvre Pyramid by  I. M. Pei, Paris.jpg

This is one of the places I dream of seeing in the world. I think the inverted pyramid with the Louvre behind it is absolutely breath taking. After the lecture on Tuesday I now see this as a duality between mathematics and architecture. The Louvre itself is old architecture which is meant to look like a grand museum, reflective of the treasures in the inside, and channeling the past. I view the inverted pyramid as a feat of mathematics, of form, strength, geometry and lines. I think that this structures by themselves would be beautiful but combined they create something that is beyond description.