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The Internet-Destruction in disguise

A Technopoly is something that affects us everyday. It affects how we communicate, how we travel, how we interact with others and how we view words and values in society. Technology is constantly changing but often times we don't think about how it will change us before it is run rampant through society. A new technopoly can not only be physically dangerous, it can change the way our society is run.

Some very current technopolies that affect our society today are the i-pod, laptops, and cell phones. lady with cell.jpg
The cell phone is something that affects our communication with other people, some think for the better and others for the worse. Cell phones are good for people that are constantly on the move and need to be able to get in contact with others at a moments notice. However, cell phones are not good for those who wish to escape the hectic lifestyle of always talking on their cell. Everywhere one turns they are bombarded by cell phones and constant conversation. In my opinion cell phones have taken away from our ability to be by ourselves. People walking by themselves on the sidewalk are almost always on their cell phone, in the mall-cell phone, sitting at dinner waiting for the other person to get back from dinner...cell phone. Instead of being a convenience, the original intent, they have become an accessory and a necessity.

laptop in coffee shop.jpg
Laptops are also a technopoly that has begun to change our society. A Laptop was originally thought of as a necessity for business men and women who need to travel with their computer. This has now changed into something that much of society wants for itself. A Laptop is small, accessibe, personal, and doesn't weigh alot. Laptops were made as a convenience for easy access to information (the internet) but now are a tool for distancing oneself. Everytime I walk by Espresso Expose and look inside the entire place is filled with laptops. It becomes a sub-culture where people come together, but still end up introverting and not interacting.

pug with ipod.jpgAnother modern technopoly is the ipod. This is a technology which immediately converts it's user to an introvert. The ipod pulls the listener away from social interactions and away from environmental interactions. This provides an outlet for escaping reality and everyday human occurences. It is also ironic that many people today either have an ipod or want one, they are in very high demand, but if used properly they can be physically damaging. Honestly, how many teenagers or people in their early 20's turn their ipod down because they are worried about their ear drums? Not many. Something that is valued in society and held in high regard can actually harm it's users, probably not the original intention.

I also thought it was very interesting when Michelle brought up a good point about architects and technopolies. That one day, we will be choosing whether or not to create an environment that embraces technology or rejects it. I would like to think that we live in a society where technology can embraced in building design and not have it's users run away with it. However, I sometimes think that technology runs through us like a virus, no cure and constantly evolving.