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The Science of Life

Gershenfeld talks about personal fabrication and how personal fabricators are personalizing "our physical world of atoms" (3). Personal fabricators are computers that act like a printer, except they print out 3D objects. These machines not only make things but also create a sense of "logic, sensing, actuation, and display" (4). These machines completely revolutionize the way that people interact with the environment; through having machines create our environment. As in virtual reality these objects stimulate our brains in the way that the real world would, through electrons and brain waves. BUT, this isn't a real environment because it's not being created by man. Man understands not only the physical environment but also the emotions that an environment can instill.

This is what I feel Kahn is trying to bring across, that computers cannot understand emotion or beauty. A computer can't anticipate or see that way that light would fall on a building and create a shadow. A computer can't realize the spirit within a building or within the architect who designed it. Man seeks to understand and learn what NATURE provides him with to help him in his designs. Design is natural, emotional and spiritual...this is something that computer can never understand!

This is similar in my mind to Pre-Fab houses because they are designed as a whole and the thought about how they act in their environment is not given consideration. These houses are mostly designed by computers and are boxed up and sent out to their "home".

This is not the case for Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water house. If this house was built by computers it would not invoke the amount of beauty and inspiration that it does. This house has a spirit that comes from it's human designer...Frank Lloyd Wright.