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Peacekeeping Base Attacked in Darfur

About 1,000 rebels from the Sudan Liberation Army attacked a peace keeping base amid efforts by the United Nations to encourage countries to commit troops to create a bigger peacekeeping force, according to the New York Times. This attack may deter other countries from helping in the peacekeeping efforts.

Killing 10 people, this attack was the deadliest since the African Union set up the base in Darfur with peacekeeping intentions in 2004, according to the Washington Post. Dozens are missing and the remaining peacekeepers were evacuated under the protection of Sudan's army. The violence that began in 2003 has left about 200,000 dead and many more forced from their homes as the violence continues to escalate against peacekeeping missions.

Some of the attackers have been associated with some different rebel groups that did not sign a peace agreement in 2006, according to CNN.

There was only one rebel group who signed the peace agreement where now "the conflict has morphed from a rebellion and brutal counterinsurgency into a free-for-all between dozens of armed groups," according to the New York Times.