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63 die in coal mine explosion

A methane explosion in Ukraine killed 63 miners leaving 37 still trapped in the mine after rescuers saved more than 360 miners, according to the New York Times.

The explosion, the deadliest accident in Ukraine since 2000, occurred in the heart of the country's coal mining industry in the regional capital Donetsk. The mine was particularly dangerous because of it's extreme depth at more than 3,000 feet because methane concentrations increase with depth.

President Viktor Yushchenko's office has issued a statement saying that Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych's government is to blame for ignoring the mining sector and it's safety violations, according to the Washington Post. Yanukovych has declared a three-day mourning period for the victims.

Since 1991, when communism took over Ukraine, 4,700 miners have died in accidents.