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Flooding in Mexico leaves Thousands on their Rooftops

Only one has died in the Mexican state of Tabasco but thousands are still trapped on rooftops, according to the Star Tribune. Four had died in the neighboring state, Chiapas, after days of heavy rain. Officials said that the death toll could rise because so many are still trapped in their homes or on their rooftops.

President Felipe Calderon called it one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. The United States, the European Union and Canada all sent aid.

Villahermosa, home to about half a million people, was flooded Friday when water levels burst through sandbag barriers, according to Reuters.

Many may be spending another night on their rooftops as tens of thousands are already crammed into emergency shelters. A local navy commander said that 28,000 people had been evacuated as army and navy personal attempt to reach people by boat and by helicopter.