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Oil spill clean up in San Francisco

The oil spill in the San Francisco bay was still on its way to being cleaned up Sunday, but tides that will peak after thanksgiving could spread the oil to areas that were previously unaffected, according to the Washington Post.

Crews had cleaned up 16,000 gallons of the 58,000 that had spilled, 4,000 had evaporated. A criminal investigation looking at the actions of the pilot and crew is underway after the taker hit the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Nearly 1,400 birds have already died from the spill. Tar balls, thick sticky balls of oil could reach other beaches as far as 40 miles away depending on winds and tides in the next few days.

Hitting the bridge created a 90-foot gash in the boat, but the damage was not apparent as little was felt on board, according to National Public Radio.

The original report to authorities was that the boat "touched" the bridge. The ship's pilot did not immediately recognize the severity of the damage. He and the rest of the crew, are being investigated by federal authorities, according to NPR.