March 28, 2008


I have really enjoyed volunteering again this semester with Jackson Street Village as a tutor in their Learning Lounge. I have been going every other Monday and it seems like it is always a refreshing time. Every week I meet new students that live in the area and also converse with other students that I already know. This past Monday I helped a young student with her Math homework. Once we were finished we were able to play a few games of Connect Four, which I forgot was a fun game from my childhood. I can't wait till next time because I actually feel like I am making a difference when students come to me for help and I am able to provide it.


Term project unique inspirations

Moving forward on our term project, I see our final presentations taking several different forms. One possible route would be to create a portfolio on the policy that we are responding to for our millennium goal. It would resemble the typical architectural portfolio with cover, content pages, and a few graphics.


Another way of presenting would be to create a poster board of the changes we are implementing through our realm of response. It would be a neat, professional layout that included a large header and smaller content sub-areas. This format might be nicer to distinguish the different layers of the goal better if done right.


These are two possible styles of presentation our group might decide to use for our final draft of the project.

March 9, 2008

The Built Environment

The built environment around me has closely defined who I am as a person. It all began 18 and a 1/2 years ago when I was born. My parents raised me in a home that was very religious and today I too am a strong believer in my faith. The clockwerk where I had to go to church every Wednesday and Sunday created many oppurtunities for me to serve in. I participate in many different activites including playing guitar in the worship band. If I had never became a sound guy at our church or met my close group of friends, I never would have developed my passion for making music. Playing guitar is the major thing I do in my spare time. Also, another factor that played into my character is that my mother is an artist. Growing up always surrounded by art gave gave me a interest in making art. My natural talent was given too me from my mom, and the rest from practical use. Making my own artwork is also takes up a large portion of my time. Both these activities grew out of the surrounding bult environment that I grew up in and live in today.





February 26, 2008

Free from school

If I no longer was under the "architecture school" program, the first thing that I would do to replace my time would be to create art. The main reason I became interested in Architecture was the thought of a profession that combined art with many other different fields. I also was attracted to studying Architecture, because of the different levels creativity involved with the design processes. If I wasn't in class anymore, I would be interested at trying to create my own artwork through nature.

I took an interesting freshmen seminar called Art in the Mix and Making last fall semester. This class really broadened my perspective on what art can be and how it is connected to in the community. Also after studying Andy Goldsworthy in the seminar and the the Designed Environment, I have a fascination with art seen out side its natural habitat. Goldsworthy focused on the ideas of flow and transformation seen through the environment, but I am more focused with the reaction I could create with the different pieces of art in nature. I think that it would be awesome to take a trip up to northern MN for week and play around with the idea of art and nature uniting in the same environment. Obviously, whatever art I would produce would be earth friendly, because that would defeat the purpose. Art and nature can't unite if the art is hurting the habitat. This an abstract idea that might be a possibility that i would want to explore if I wasn't in the "architecture school" program.


February 24, 2008


The Millenium Development goal that my group is researching is Goal # 6- " Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other disease." In preperation for the research portion of this project I have come up with a list of influences that motivate me into action.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi
This quote was taken from the back of one of my t-shirts. The t-shirt was from National Honor Society, which I was a member of in high school. This quote must be taken literally, because inorder to see change in something, action is needed. Who better to take action but ourselves?


Here is a playlist of songs that incourage action:
What I've Done- Linkin Park
This track asks us all to look into what we done in our past for the good and the bad. What can we can we do now to make up up for past mistakes or, in another perspective, begin doing to help others.

If Everyone Cared- Nickelback
This track pretty much speaks for itself. What if more people took the time to care about those in need. If everyone across the world came together and united to help hurting people their would be no sickness, poverty, starvation, and genocide.

Ammunition- Switchfoot
This track focuses on all the excuses that we give ourselves not to do something. It calls for our generaton to see ourselves as ammunition for the helping cause.

Come Together- Third Day
This song encourages people take the little steps toward unity by even loving our neighbors. Little steps together make large steps.

Dirty- Audio Adrenaline
This song is awesome and its message says states to get dirty and get used inorder to help someone. We need to be the person that we were meant to be by not being afraid to get some mud on our shoes.

*Obviously, there are not many song out there that directly deal with fighting the battle against disease prevention. All of these songs have an overall theme that can be applied to encourageing people to look at the bigger reality of the situationm, and how everyone can help

There are many organizations out there that are already making a difference for different disease epidemics such as a (product) RED who focuses specifically on HIV/AIDS awarness and treatment. This is an influence in the market place that businesses can also contribute to the combating of global diseases.

February 23, 2008

New Beginnings

Growing up in the city is much different than living in the suburbs. I have learned this quickly ever since I stepped on the U of M campus back in September 2007. People are exposed to many more issues in the city, compared to suburbin life. Crime, drugs, and alcohol prevail as an extreme reality of destruction for many lives in the city. The institution that hurts the most is the family. Families are prone to complications as parents and children get caught up in the wrong things. I am not saying that families are any better in the suburbs, but often times the city creates a hard environment to suceed and recover from past mistakes.


I have been voluteering at Jackson Street Village for the entire school year. I have been really inspired for b the work that they do and provide for the community. Jackson Street Village provides homes for families that come from broken pasts. Many of the parents are recovering from past hardships which split up the families. The the people that are mostly affected are the children from the families. That is why I volunteer as a tutor in the Learning Lounge. Learning Lounge is a center where the children staying in the VIllage can come for help on their homework. Jackson Street Village is a organization that gives new beginnings to families and I am a advocate in support of them.


February 1, 2008

Energy flow throughout the city

Through natural observation of the city, there are examples of energy
flowing and transforming everywhere we look. The most obvious example that
I notice are the road systems coming up to, around, and between the city.
In order for people to move from one place to another, our roads have
evolved into large freeways heading in all different directions. When
looking at aerial shots, the freeways twist, bend, and loop creating a
current or ripple affect. It is mind-blowing to think about how many travel
over the concrete in one day, let alone a week. Another example seen in the
city are the different heights and shapes produced by the buildings. Energy
flows through skylines of the city and changes with each new block. When
looking from a far into the city the view you see is always transforming
itself into something greater. The first thing that pops into my head when
I see the city, is the exchange between the hustle and bustle of the
business world during the day and the exciting nightlife after dark. The
natural definition of the city is to be alive, because it is the center of
the surrounding communities.