August 7, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me

So. My birthday had a coupla themes today. First, there was the Target theme. Boys and grrrls, if you have any doubts about yer ability to make a nice presentation, by all means avail yourself of the the big Target near you. It can make a Garanimals of borthday packaging. In my case, polka dots with matching gift bags, crepe paper, and wrap.

The other theme (I should mention) is martini's, which I have never made, and have enjoyed only as the guest at the cocktail hours of friends. But today, I got the whole kit: Sapphire gin, the shaker, the glasses, and some accessories of which I really don't know the purpose. But what the hell? We are celebrating. Don't ask me what: I am Jack Benny's age.

So I make my first martooni (as Percy Duckfeathers called them) ever. First one: not cold enough. Second attempt: better. Of course, now the wife is insisting that I'm dead drunk. Little does she know of real drunkenness.

Posted by webs0080 at 7:07 PM