September 7, 2003

Bunnies and Youth

So last night at ten, spouse calls me down to see the bunny in the back yard. When she turned on the outdoor lights, (s)he was just sitting there. We watched for a few minutes, until said bunny scampered off into the alley. This a.m., it was still dark when I let the dogs out, so I flicked on the lights. Lo and behold, a bunny was in the exact same spot. Amazing stuff.

I returned not long ago from an enormous professional convention in Philadelphia, where I stayed with my step-sister and her 13 yo son at her housecleaning clients' largish house on the mainline. I think 14 must be the most terrible age: one does not look fondly back on kiddom yet, and the pleasures of adolescence like driving and staying out all night are still verboten.

Posted by webs0080 at 7:07 AM