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Richard Gere wanted in India for PDA

E! News reported that an Indian court has issued a warrant for Gere's arrest in response to a complaint that the actor committed an "obscene act" by kissing Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty at a public event in India.

The kiss happened at an HIV/AIDS awareness summit in New Delhi. Gere swooped Shetty into his arms, dipped her and planted a few kisses on her face.

Devout Hindu groups were outraged by the act, which they saw as an insult to Indian culture. Entertainment news reported that posters of both Gere and Shetty were burned in several major cities in India.

The judge ordered Shetty to appear in his Jaipur court on May 5 to explain why she did not resist the actor's moves. If Gere is found guilty of public obscenity, he could face up to three months in prisons, a fine or both.