April 26, 2007

Father who raped teenage daughter sentenced to 35 years.

The Star Tribune reported that a father who raped his teenage daughter for many years and demanded her to throw her two unborn babies he had fathered down and air shaft was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

KSTP reported that the 45-year-old New York man pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter, aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated sexual assault. The Associated Press is not identifying him to protect the identity of his daughter, the victim of a sex crime, Kstp reported.

According to prosecutors, the father threatened to kill the daughter and her mother if she did not throw the babies down the shaft. The daughter admitted throwing the babies down the shaft under her father’s orders.

The daughter has pleaded guilty to reckless manslaughter and aggravated assault. She faces a maximum of seven years in prison. Here sentencing is on May 10, reported KSTP.

April 14, 2007

$5 million e-mails may be missing from White House

CNN reported that millions of e-mails may be missing from the White House.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino acknowledged. "I wouldn't rule out that there were a potential 5 million e-mails lost," Perino said. A liberal watchdog group alleges that over a two-year period official White House e-mail traffic for hundreds of days has vanished. This is a possible violation of the federal Presidential Records Act, reported CNN.

April 7, 2007

psychiatrist held for abusing patients

In Redwood City, Calif., a child psychiatrist who once lead the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry was arrested for allegations he had molested male patients dating back to the 1960s, reported the Star Tribune,

Dr. William Ayres, 75, was taken into custody at his San Mateo home and charged with 14 felony counts of "lewd and lascivious" acts with a child under the age of 14.

He is also accused of allegedly fondling three boys repeatedly between 1991 and 1996 while they were his patients. The statute of limitations for such crimes is 10 years or until the victim turns 28. The alleged victims are now 21, 25 and 26, reported the Star Tribune.

March 30, 2007

Massive storm caused dozens of tornadoes from the Rockies to the Plains.

A massive spring storm formed dozens of tornadoes from the Rockies to the Plains, killing at least four people in three states, including a woman who was flung into a tree by a tornado as wide as two football fields, reported the Star Tribune

65 tornadoes were reported late Wednesday in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska, the National Weather Service said. The storms continued Thursday afternoon, with a tornado critically injuring two people in central Oklahoma.

CNN reported that at least 11 tornadoes were reported throughout western Nebraska, destroying three homes and at least 10 miles of power lines. Two twisters touched down in far northwest Kansas,damaging three homes, authorities said.

March 21, 2007

19-year-old Purdue Student's body was found Tuesday

Star Tribune reported Tuesday that a body found slumped over machinery in a dormitory's utility room was identified as a 19-year-old Purdue University student who vanished in January, school officials said.

The body of Wade Steffey was found a day earlier when a maintenance worker was investigating a pinging sound.
Star Tribune reported It appeared that Steffey, a freshman who was last seen Jan. 13 after he left a fraternity party, tripped and fell onto a power transformer, Purdue spokeswoman Jeanne Norberg said. "He is believed to have died instantly," she said. reported that the worker had unlocked the door room from the inside the co-ed Owen Hall and found Steffy's body.
Afterward, police discovered the room’s exterior door closed but unlocked. Norberg said officials have removed that door’s lock assembly to determine whether the mechanism works, reported

March 8, 2007

Massachusetts women mauled by one of her show dogs.

A Massachusetts woman was mauled in her home by one of her own show dogs. Shirley Schlager was treated for serious injuries after being attacked by one of her five blue terriers.She escaped the attack and called 911. According to the Star Tribune, rescue workers found her covered in blood. Police said it took about an hour to calm the 45-pound Kerry blue terrier after the attack. said that Sclager's son was also injured trying to break the fight up. Cause of the attack is unknown, reports said.

March 2, 2007

8 Students die in Tornado in Alabama

A storm tore throw parts of the Midwest and Southeast this week. In Enterprise, Ala., the tornado ripped apart an Alabama high school, hitting a hospital, and caused 20 fatalities, reported Star Tribune. Eight students died when the storm hit Enterprise High School. All the students died when a tornado too a hit in one wing where all the students were. It blew out the walls and roof, reported USA today.

February 23, 2007

New Airport Virtual Strip Machine

A new airport security machine that virtually strips off clothing made it's deput Friday in Phoenix, Arizona, reported the Star Tribune. This machine will detect weapons and explosives on airline passengers. It's a so-called "backscatter" that will be used at checkpoints in the airport, Tribune reported. It virtually strips of the clothing of the passenger, but the image looks more like a chalky figure than a real-like image. Airport officials said this screening will be voluntary for those for have to go through additional screening or they will have to be patted down, reported the Tribune.

February 16, 2007

Pitt bulls attacked Tennessee Man

Two pit bull dogs ripped off man's left hand and badly "mauled" his right arm. James Chapple, 59, of Tennessee, had just gotten off the bus and was walking home when two pit bulls ran out of an auto repair business, knocked him down and started biting him, reported Star Tribune.

He said he passed out and woke up in the ambulance. Doctors had to amputate his lower left hand and saved his right. He suffered many bite marks on his leg and on one ear, reported Owner of the pit bulls refused to comment.

February 3, 2007

Tornado struck central Florida early Friday morning

CNN is reporting that tornadoes ripped through central Florida early Friday morning, killing at least 19 people, and destroying homes, churches, and businesses.

Disaster crews with dogs are searching piles of debris for missing bodies. The tornadoes had a 40-mile path and covered four counties in Florida. It was the deadliest combination of thunderstorms to hit Florida in over a decade, according to the Star Tribune.

Pioneer Press is reporting that Florida's emergency team is doing all they can to search through the debris to find any survivors. It may take several days to determine the exact number dead, number one priority is to find anybody trapped in the debris.