July 16, 2005

Ice cube fans

Soooo, it's Saturday July 16th and I am sitting at my friend Rachel's apt. (who has working air) with with Des and Helen. It is approximately 96 outside so we are all hovering very close to Rachel's air conditioner. In our quest to cool our own apartements off we began searching the internet for our options.

Option A: I can buy a stand alone air conditioner for 400.00. O.k We need a little perspective here. THAT IS MORE THAN MY RENT. It is never going to happen.

Option B: I can buy an ice cube fan. Yes, I said an ice cube fan. That would be a fan that I need to fill with water and cubes that will cool my room by up to 12 degrees. So, if it is 96 degrees as it is today, I can get my room down to a cool 84 if I am lucky for somewhere between 70 and 100 bucks. Why would anyone buy this? I have to give you 70 or more bucks, then I have to find enough ice to continuously refill my wonderful icecube fan! I only have the standard two (usually white or some shade of blue) icecube trays to fulfill all of my ice needs and I doubt that will be enough to keep my ice cube fan full of the ice it needs to cool my room to 84 degrees! So, I will have to also figure bags of ice into my budget for my new ice cube fan. I am inclined to agree with Rachel who argued that I could just put a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan I already have.

Does anyone own an ice cube fan? I would love to here how you feel about your investment. Or maybe you got lucky and recieved it as a graduation or birthday present. Eithter way, I would love to hear if the ice cube fan can actually shave a whole 12 degrees off of your indoor temperature.

(I will keep you posted as new options to cool off my apartment present themselves to me)

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July 10, 2005

Who I am

So I am being encoraged (or rather forced) to start a blog. I figured I would begin by saying a little bit about myself.

I love music and I love live music even more. Currently, I am listening to alot of John Legend, Vivian Green, Al Green, and Anthony Hamilton. But, do not get it twisted my real true love is Rap. Give me The Roots, Common, Jigga, Kanye (and the list goes on) any day of the week. Besides music, I love just chillin with my friends. I'm a low key kinda girl. It does not take alot to please me. Give me a pitcher of summer beer, my balcony, and good company and I am happy!

I like Shakespeare. I'm just going to put it out there. Reading it is a litte labor intensive for my life right now, but I try to attend as many productions as I can.
One of my favorite authors of fiction has been Pearl Cleage, but I am always on the hunt for a good author. I also love Prince.

Some of my favorite movies are Snatch, Shakespeare in Love, Closer, Matrix, Love Jones, Fight Club, Crash, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Wiz, ...

Soooo I am going to go think about something deep to say and come back later.

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