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Break in attempt at presidential candidate's grandma's

In Kenya, U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama has gained popularity similar to that of any international movie celebrity or rock star. In his late father's hometown of Kogelo, buses with the Illinois senator on them or street merchants vending shirts bearing his image are not a rare sight to see.

However, the downside to all this fame became apparent to Obama's Kenyan relatives this past Thursday, when his grandma's house was the site of an attempted break in, reported CNN.

According to Said Obama, the candidate's uncle, the thieves did not manage to get into the house of grandmother Sarah Obama. Nothing was stolen, and no one was harmed.

"I just spoke to Sarah, and she's OK," he told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "The police have been there since yesterday, and we're not worried. Everything is fine." (CNN)

Said stated that the burglars used a ladder on Wednesday morning to get onto the roof of the house, only to find all of the doors locked. According to IOL, a South African news site, a solar panel located on the roof of the home is what caught the thieves' eyes.

"These are just people ... who think that Obama has been sending me a lot of money," said Sarah, the 85-year-old step-grandmother.

The family, according to MSNBC,has tried their best to keep a low profile.

Local police promised to keep watch over the Kenyan family, adding that they might also assign a unit to specifically guard the Obamas.