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Helicopter crashes into Wisconsin home

A helicopter crashed into the roof of a Kenosha, WI home early Sunday morning, reported WISN Milwaukee.
A man and a woman, who were both in the helicopter, died in the crash. According to the Kenosha Police Department, the five family members that were in the home during the crash got out safely and were not injured. (WISN Milwaukee.)
Two hundred gallons of gasoline spilled onto the street and yard, causing a fire around the helicopter when it was on the street.
Fog and low visibility that morning is thought to be the reason for the accident.
Ed Malinowski, an air safety inspector for the National Transportation Safety Board, said to the Otago Daily News that a preliminary report on the crash will not come out for at least a week.
"People in the home were very lucky. It very easily could have been a lot more people killed or injured in this accident," said Lt. Ron Bartholomew to WISN Milwaukee.