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Motorcycle accident unveiled as homicide

What seemed like a typical motorcycle accident has now unveiled itself as a homicide. It appeared that Natasha Waalen, 28, from Andover, died early Friday morning when she lost control of her bike. By that night, Waalen’s injuries raised a red flag that led to the arrest of her live-in boyfriend of 10 years.

"There are multiple factors that are not consistent with a motor vehicle accident," reported a statement from the Anoka County sheriff's office announcing Boland's arrest. (TwinCities.com)

Ryan Boland, 33, was arrested for suspicion of killing Waalen.

The news has shocked both friends and family.

Jeff Waalen, Natasha’s father, told the Star Tribune that he suspected a man who recently threatened his daughter over a potential lawsuit. After hearing that Boland was arrested, Jeff said that the investigators were “barking up the wrong tree.?

According to TwinCities.com, neighbors are upset over the whole ordeal, especially since there was no indication of violence between the couple.

"The neighborhood is buzzing. This sort of thing just doesn't happen. It's just very hard to take in," next-door neighbor Valorie Burke said.

The exact cause of death and possible motive have not been released just yet. Boland remained in jail over the weekend, as investigators and county attorney’s office considered charges.