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The aftermath of Ike

Yesterday afternoon, Hurricane Ike was officially downgraded to a tropical storm by the National Hurricane Service . Despite this, the areas hit are still feeling the effects of Ike's wrath.

CNN reported that 1,948 people were rescued in the island town of Galveston, Texas, and the number of deaths is at eight. The City Manager of Galveston said that as of Sunday, crews were still searching the island.

However, the Telegraph reported issues with attempts to assist people during this time.

"What's really frustrating is that we can't get to them," said Tommie Mafrei, who is a Galveston police officer. (Telegraph)

Rescue teams had to face several barriers, including downed power lines, debris, and major flooding in order to help those who were trapped. The Telegraph wrote that military helicopters, boats and big-wheeled dump trucks were able to get people to safety, while some residents were able to wade themselves over to dry ground while carrying children and possessions.

The Galveston mayor ordered the island to close down, who cited the dangerous situation both on the island and the bridge leading to it from mainland Texas, which is littered with palm trees and boats.

In the urban city of Houston, Ike left a mess of torn up bus shelters, shattered skyscraper windows and pulled metal sheeting. Additionally, a quarter of US crude oil production and refining sites were forced to close down due to the hurricane.

On Sunday, president Bush declared the Texas-Louisiana coast a disaster area. He has made plans to visit the devastated areas on Tuesday. Bush additionally said the federal government would be providing water and meals for those that were displaced from their homes.