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Spanish police arrest 121 in child porn sting

The Spanish police have arrested 121 people in the country's biggest operation against child pornography on the internet. Millions of computer files were seized in a series of nationwide raids that involved eight-hundred police officers and more than 200 homes.

According to CNN, police are still investigating 96 others.

The BBCreported that Enrique Rodriguez, from the police's Technological Investigation Brigade, told Spanish radio that the network was enormous, involving 18,000 IP addresses across the world, including 1,600 in Spain.

According to the BBC, 1,200 people have been arrested for child pornography in Spain in the past five years.

Two of the people arrested photographed their nephews, who were under 10 years of age, according to Manuel Vazquez. Vazquez, is the national police chief of the technology investigative brigade.

The suspects have all been charged with distributing pornographic material. If they are convicted, they can face up to eight years of prison.