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City settles with dogbite victim

The city of Minneapolis agreed to settle a lawsuit brought forward by a woman that was attacked by a bulldog last year. On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council agreed to pay $367,000 to Paula Ybarra. The dog that had attacked her was previously declared dangerous by the city, but was never confiscated or put down.

According to the Star Tribune, she is still awaiting the results of a pending lawsuit against the dog's owner, who is also a friend of hers.

Since May, when Ybarra filed the lawsuit, she has accumulated more than $225,000 in medical expenses. She sued the city and her friend on behalf of herself and two of her daughters, who witnessed the attack. Ybarra's daughters, ages 4 and 9 at the time of the attack, have since received counseling.

According to WCCO.com, Ybarra was attacked at a friend's house, which she was helping paint.

When she went inside with her youngest daughter, who needed to use the bathroom, she was attacked by the 160-pound dog. It bit her in the neck, damaging her windpipe, a major artery, and her voice box.

When rescue workers arrived to assist Ybarra, she was not breathing. This was not the first time that Bobo, the bulldog, had attacked anyone. He had previously been declared dangerous by the city for attacking a young child.