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Zimbabwe government sued over cholera outbreak

A group of Zimbabweans are taking a government department to court for failing to provide proper health care and clean water for its citizens.

According to Zimbabwe health officials, 425 people have died of cholera since the country's epidemic broke out in September. More than 11,000 people have been affected, and health officials are worried this will worsen with the upcoming rainy season. (Associated Press)

According to CNN, a group of citizens filed an application on Friday in the High Court. They are suing the government-run Zimbabwe National Water Authority. This organization is responsible for supplying water to the country.

According to CNN, this is the worst humanitarian crisis the country has experienced since it attained independence from Great Britain 28 years ago.

Medical professionals are blaming the cholera epidemic on the lack of clean water in many parts of the country. Some areas require its residents to get water from shallow wells or contaminated rivers. (CNN)

According to the Associated Press, the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights has accused the government of trying to downplay the impact of the outbreak.

The AP additionally reported that cholera has spread into South Africa, prompting international health agencies to launch emergency relief efforts to prevent it from becoming a pandemic.

CNN reported the economic meltdown of Zimbabwe has had a large impact on the country's current predicament.

Zimbabwe used to boast one of Africa's most vibrant economies; it is now in a state of collapse.

Hyperinflation, mass unemployment and commodity shortages are just a few of the country's other problems, and all factor into the country's inability to import adequate chemicals to treat drinking water.