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December 7, 2008

Skater falls through ice

A man skating on Medicine Lake in Plymouth fell through while ice skating on Sunday afternoon. According to Fox 9, the man was unconscious and did not have a pulse when he was pulled out of the water. He was wearing ice skates and a camera around his neck.

According to the Star Tribune,the man was found in the water at approximately 3 pm after another skater saw a hat floating in the water and called police. The Hennepin County Sheriff's Water Patrol reported.

He was rushed to North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale.

The victim has not been identified yet. Authorities believe he was from out of town, visiting relatives.

The man was found in the water about 3 p.m. after another skater spotted a hat floating in the water and called police at 1:50 p.m., the Hennepin County Sheriff's Water Patrol reported.

OJ Simpson sentenced to prison

OJ Simpson was sentenced on Saturday to nine to 33 years in prison for robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint. According to the Associated Press, Simpson, 61, faced a Nevada judge for his September 2007 Las Vegas crime.

According to ABC news, it wasn't originally clear how much time the former football star would serve in prison.

Simpson was sentenced to 16 years in prison for kidnapping, and another three for assault. He will be eligible for parole after six years in prison on the kidnapping charges, and could be eligible for release after nine years.

Judge Jackie Glass did not answer to Simpson's attorneys' pleas for leniency in the case, and denied his request to be released on bail pending his appeal, citing that Simpson was a flight risk.

According to the Associated Press, Simpson will be treated like any other inmate while in prison.

Howard Skolnik, director of the Nevada Department of Corrections, said, "The only issue might be whether we have to provide a little more protective custody because of his notoriety, at least at the start."

Simpson could be moved within his first week to High Desert State Prison, located approximately 45 miles from Las Vegas, although it is unlikely due to the fact that Simpson was not under a life sentence.

Irish pork recalled

Ireland has issued a massive pork recall after test results showed that the pork products may have been tainted with a potentially cancer-causing chemical. According to the Associated Press, health officials took a precautionary move and warned approximately 25 countries not to consume any pork product produced in Ireland since Sept. 1. It was discovered that dioxins had been in the pigs' feed.

Ireland's Food Safety Authority said the dioxin made its way into the pork after the pig feed was tainted with industrial oil. Only 10 percent of the countries pork products were affected, however, this was processed and mixed with other meats, and caused for widespread contamination.

According to the BBC, tests showed that some pork products contained up to 200 times more dioxins than the normal limit.

However, the UK's Food Standards Agency said it didn't believe that its consumers faced any "significant risk" at this point in time, citing that the health risk was extremely low, and that a person would have to consume a large amount of the dioxins in order to see any visible effect.

Farmers, according to the Associated Press, are calling this whole ordeal a nightmare, especially in this economy. Ireland's pig industry brings in approximately 450 million euro, or $570 each year.

Irish farms produce more than 3 million pigs a year. Half of these are consumed within Ireland, but is also heavily exported to neighboring countries and grocery stores and processed meats throughout much of Europe and Asia.

"We're actually reeling in shock at the moment at the scale of this disaster," Tim Cullinan, an official with the Irish Farmers Association and a pig farmer, told Irish state radio RTE. "It couldn't have come at worse time, the weeks leading up to Christmas. ... It's a nightmare, to be honest," he said. (AP)