Everyone is so biased!

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Have you ever thought, "Wow! That person is so biased."? Well, guess what! You most likely have just as much bias as any other person.

That's right! Bias is something that everyone has. Most people actually believe that people around them are more biased than themselves. This, interestingly enough, is actually a bias in itself!

Most everyone has what is called a "bias blind spot", which is the tendency to see yourself as less biased than other people. This happens because most people don't recognize their own opinion as a bias at all. People rationalize their own opinion about something as the correct one, but fail to see that it still is, correct or not, a biased opinion. Now, not knowing that you are actually having bias in every opinion that you have ever had isn't necessarily a bad thing. Bias is actually caused by people having so much information that could be used to make a better decision, and the bias comes in to play to simplify things down for quicker thoughts and decisions. This can be problematic, obviously, because it can lead you to make rash and sometimes poor decisions.

This guy does a fairly decent job of explaining some cognitive biases along with bias blind spot.

~Andrew Wegner
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