October 22, 2008

[Some mish-mash of keyboard characters here]

Still married. Still happy.
Grad school has started. It's actually midterms. Actually I'm pulling out my hair getting Topology homework done and I just happened to notice a comment in my Gophermail inbox. Yeah, don't send stuff to my address anymore, it's a bit sparsely checked now.
Life is too busy to blog about it, so I'm definitely putting this blog on hiatus. When I need an internet break, I'll work on my fancy-schmancy website at .
Love to all,

June 4, 2008

Try Something New Today

My summer is coming along swimmingly. The wedding is on-track, and the showers have been phenomenal. Grad party Saturday looks to hit right on. And-I have a summer job as a contractor for an insurance agency.

More importantly, I'm still learning things and keeping myself disciplined. I am rush-scrapbooking my Spain '05 trip and will do the same for Mexico '05. Russia-well, my Uncle is helping me out there. In any case, it's a nice hobby but a difficult one to keep up with retroactively.

Onto the 'try new things' bit. One eye-opening experience for me has been a recent experiment in music. My mom brought home about 75 CDs that she got at a district garage sale for $2. Most of them are elevator music, fairly unimaginative. Most of the artists I haven't ever heard of (from Trolldom to local quartets). Still the variety amazes me. The discs are no longer in my car, but I'm putting them back. I can listen to a different CD every day for two months. And that is amazing. If a disc is a single or ends early for other reasons, I turn to MPR's indie station for more new unusual songs.

Even more different, and I guarantee you can try this one wherever you are and whatever your music collection:

Turn your radio off for a day and pay attention to the sounds around you.

I learned a lot about my car that day, but also the way the wind blows and the sun shines and the birds sing. Don't turn off your radio often, only for a change of pace. You'll often find it welcome.

April 29, 2008

Countdown Begins

53 days until the wedding;
10 days until the last day of class.

(11 until commencement, but finals and papers won't be over for 17.)