November 19, 2007

Just Finished My Accounting Midterm

Hey reader/readers!
I just finished my accounting midterm, and I'm pretty sure I did well. I have to do some calculus homework tonight, but that's the only thing I absolutely NEED to do before thanksgiving break. I have plenty to do during the time I have off, but hopefully I can get a little less stressed, and maybe I can even catch up on sleep. I hope everyone else is getting through this crunch ok. Work was pretty easy today, but I may have to work this Saturday. I worked last Saturday to cover for a coworker who was with his girlfriend. I'm not usually supposed to work Saturdays, but my boss's boss sent out an e-mail saying we'll be open Thanksgiving Saturday (when the other people who work at the help desk are going to travel to their their distant homes to gorge themselves in a ritual feast). I will probably be eating a fairly ordinary meal at home, probably, but not necessarily, with something cooked in the oven. My brother's a vegetarian, so his thanksgiving meal will probably be even less traditional.

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September 24, 2007

Getting Started

Hi, Everybody!

My name is Milo Weil, and I'm a student at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. Right now I'm planning to major in entrepreneurial management and international business, but I really don't know what I "want to be" after graduation. I still hope to travel, work, and study for awhile before settling down into a lifelong career.

I'm actually making this blog because it's assigned in a tech course I'm taking, but I've thought before that having a blog would be a good idea. I studied abroad in Japan during my freshman year, and hoped to, but never actually took the time to write a blog. Most of my friends and family read checked my facebook page, but blogging isn't really why I have a facebook account. I don't really want my family, teachers, etc. looking at pictures of my friends at parties.

I made a website when I left, but hardly ever got around to updating it. Maybe with the ease of a blog I'll actually take the time to write. Meh

I'll try to get back to this when I'm not swamped with school and work (I work at the CSOM OIT Help Desk fixing laptops, and at the Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository sorting tobacco-related documents for the state).