November 19, 2007

Just Finished My Accounting Midterm

Hey reader/readers!
I just finished my accounting midterm, and I'm pretty sure I did well. I have to do some calculus homework tonight, but that's the only thing I absolutely NEED to do before thanksgiving break. I have plenty to do during the time I have off, but hopefully I can get a little less stressed, and maybe I can even catch up on sleep. I hope everyone else is getting through this crunch ok. Work was pretty easy today, but I may have to work this Saturday. I worked last Saturday to cover for a coworker who was with his girlfriend. I'm not usually supposed to work Saturdays, but my boss's boss sent out an e-mail saying we'll be open Thanksgiving Saturday (when the other people who work at the help desk are going to travel to their their distant homes to gorge themselves in a ritual feast). I will probably be eating a fairly ordinary meal at home, probably, but not necessarily, with something cooked in the oven. My brother's a vegetarian, so his thanksgiving meal will probably be even less traditional.

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