Geraldo's empty vault

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Almost everybody has heard of Al Capone. He's a notarious "American Gangster" back during the 1920s. He was rumored to be involved in a lot of different schemes including illegal smuggling, prostitution and bribery of government figures. Due to this, he was often regarded as someone who had a lot of money, and with it he had power.

In 1986, Geraldo Rivera promised America that he would reveil Capone's vault and everything inside it for all the world to see. As you can image, this would turn out to be a historic moment in United States history. Before opening, Rivera even had medical personel on hand in case any bodies were found in the vault. An IRS agent was also present in the case of money being found. An estimated 30 million viewers tuned in to witness this event. After a two hour long ordeal, on live television the vault was finally blown open. All that anyone saw was debri, showing that there truly was nothing in the vault and proving that it was all a hoax.

I wanted to look at this in terms of the six principles of scientific thinking. Clearly i think the principle that comes into focus is that extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. For revealing such a big event, what proof did Rivera's viewer's have that Capone's vault really had been found? 30 million people chimed in and essentially wasted two hours of their life just do to the words of a well-known figure. This just goes to show us that we really should take a second look at media these days to really understand what we are getting ourselves into.

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