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Focus shifts to parents in Madeleine McCann disappearance

In Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, the report about the highly covered Madeleine McCann disappearance included previously reported material cited as being from various Portuguese newspapers. As long as the already-reported information is cited and properly attributed, it strengthens the Daily Mail's individualized story. Without the content from the Portuguese newspapers, the story from the Daily Mail wouldn't be as compelling. Similarly, the British newspaper's original reporting enhanced the story because it became more localized and meaningful to the Daily Mail's target audience -- not to mention more thorough and more informative and content-filled. The reporting was remarkably unbiased, considering the high-profile nature of this case, which has drawn international coverage and has propelled Madeleine McCann and her now-accused parents, Gerry and Kate, celebrity status.

In the brief piece in the Belfast Telegraph centering on the naming of the McCann parents as suspects, the reporter succinctly and subtly seems to back the parents despite Portuguese police's serious allegations of their responsibility for their four-year-old daughter's murder. The article is one-sided, talking only of the parents' frustration and exasperation at being the focus of what has essentially become a disappearance-turned-abduction-turned-murder investigation. This is relatively obvious, and would be more noteworthy if they expressed disinterest at being named suspects. Moreover, the charges are not discussed in detail, thereby minimizing them and reducing the side of the police in favor of the McCanns.

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