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Girl, 12, shot in the head in N. Minneapolis

When a 12-year-old girl is killed by a gunshot wound to the head in virtually her own backyard, news is undeniably made. Saturday night, just this happened on Minneapolis' North side. For both Twin Cities papers, coverage was as intensive as could be expected, but with different focuses. The Pioneer Press, representing St. Paul, covered the incident from a mostly anecdotal angle -- telling what happened, offering witness accounts and a synopsis of the investigation as it currently stands. The Minneapolis-based Star Tribune, for which the girl's death hit closer to home due to its main coverage area, provided a trend story in the context of the shooting. The story discussed violence in the area, specifically that of North side youth. The story offers an in-depth analysis for readers, some of whom may live in said area. Because of the central coverage areas, the stories differed slightly, but each story was given relatively great prominence in both the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune.