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Diana inquest jury visits site of Paris crash

An inquest jury looking into the specific cause of Princess Diana's 1996 death visited the site of her death in Paris this week. The group is touring sites relevant to the investigation, which aims to place blame for the deaths of Diana and her companion, Dodi Fayed. The Associated Press article focuses centrally on the conspiracy theories behind Diana's death, including that the driver of Diana's Mercedes was intoxicated and tipped off paparazzi that Diana and her boyfriend -- supposedly her fiancee as of that night, according to Fayed's millionaire father -- were leaving. Some sources attribute the crash to the photographers' aggressive pursuit of the pair. The Reuters piece focuses mostly on the inquest and inquest procedure, spending little time detailing the possible what-ifs and the sensational speculation many have expressed since the incident. Each article has a certain newsworthiness and a certain appeal, though the Associated Press' attention to details surrounding Diana's actual death is likely more compelling than the Reuters piece centrally about the legal proceedings of the jury. The sensational nature of a princess dying in the way Diana did is compelling in itself, and conspiracy surrounding such a surprising death adds to the mystique. Undoubtedly, this story extends beyond the realm of celebrity news, though it is undeniable that its main appeal is its glamour and star quality.