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First lady claims victory in Argentina

Interestingly, in two different Associated Press reports written by the same AP writer, different information is conveyed about Argentina's new leader. In the piece run by the Pioneer Press, writer Bill Cormier writes succinctly about the most notable political accomplishments of the newest world leader's life, mostly in chronological order. In the second piece, found on AP-laden Yahoo! News, Cormier's work is vastly elaborated upon, with ties to U.S. government officials, such as Hillary Clinton. Since the Pioneer Press is not necessarily meant to cover such things, a more brief version of the story might have been the more appropriate approach; certainly a piece as long as Cormier's second wouldn't run in the print issue unless there was a major snafu with assessing available space for stories. But for Yahoo! News, an outlet many look to for relatively in-depth and informative news of the world, the lengthier piece fit right in. The disparity between local news outlets and general news outlets is apparent in this case, and also understandable.