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Wisc. law enforcement officer kills 6

In both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press coverage of the off-duty deputy's shooting rampage, the community-devastation angle is played up. Each piece focuses on the shock of the tight-knit small town in which the shooting rampage took place, focusing less on the details of the crime and more on the seemingly lasting impacts for the families and friends of the victims and shooter. Each piece characterizes Crandon, Wisc., as a place where "everyone is related" and familiarity with neighbors is commonplace and expected. Typical crime coverage highlights the sometimes-gory facts of the case, but it seems under more suprising, unusual or tragic circumstances, the broader picture is the focus of news coverage. Each piece bills the community as devastated, the act as a tragedy. Instead of painting the shooter as a callous psychopath, each piece was written with careful attention to the victims, who are delicately described and identified in a positive light. Statements from slain men and women's parents are perhaps the most powerful parts of the stories, and the most emotion-evoking journalists can ever hope to find in the face of unexpected loss.