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Homeless man dies in fall from St. Paul bluff

A homeless man was found dead beneath a 60-foot bluff, apparently due to an accidental fall Sunday by homeless outreach volunteers. In both the Minneapolis and St. Paul papers, briefs were written with the so-called "bare bones" of the case. Each includes the man's homeless status, the fact that he fell and where his body was found by whom. There is brief, mostly paraphrased police comment stating there is no suspicion of foul play, but it might be different if the man wasn't homeless. It seems less prominence is given to the story than if the man was, say, a businessman or a recognized community member. The fact that such a story received buried placement and apparently a minimal amount of investigation by reporting, in a sense, dehumanizes the man who died as well as the homeless in general. While it may be more difficult to obtain information about a homeless man than one who wasn't, it seems like the story should garner more attention than it did. Accidental deaths occur often, and typically we hear of them, or at least have a chance to do so when they're given relatively high placement in the news.