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One dead, one injured in Minneapolis shooting

After an afternoon barbeque over the weekend, one man is dead and another injured in what is an apparent drive-by shooting. The Minneapolis paper, due to its primary coverage area of Minneapolis, covered the story much more extensively than did its St. Paul counterpart. There was a full article, complete with witness-reported details and numerous sources and information -- including that evidence that could help nab the killer(s) may exist. Conversely, due to its relative remoteness from the site, the Pioneer Press reported in an ultra-succinct way that there had been a shooting, leaving one dead and one injured. Aside from coverage area though, the Minneapolis paper has a definite advantage when it comes to covering its city's crimes in that its cops beat reporter likely has contacts within the police department, as well as a familiarity with the area. This sense of community between the reporter and the area in which the shooting took place allows the reporter to get more information from witnesses and police alike, thus spurring a deep, thoroughly covered story.