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Rhodes Scholars selected from large national pool

As reported by the Associated Press and the Star Tribune, awardees were selected for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarships for graduate studies at Oxford University in England. The AP story did a sort of overview of some of the most notable or interesting winners, but it was somewhat localized to Chicago, the AP bureau the story was datelined as. The Star Tribune article focused almost entirely on the two winners from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn., which boasted its eighth and ninth receipients of the scholarship, which honors outstanding academic and personal achievement. Naturally, the Minnesota paper's story would focus on local winners, but it also seemed to give a more extensive background of the Rhodes Scholarship, something lacking in the AP story, which was essentially several brief, disjointed blurb-type profiles of the award winners. Despite its localization, the Star Tribune article was unexpectedly much more informative and exhaustive.