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Rock star's home lost in Malibu blaze

Numerous outlets over the weekend covered the resurge of wildfires in the Malibu area of California, but many also focused on one specific loss: that of a Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist's home. Flea, the well-known rocker, lost his multimillion-dollar estate in the fire, and the Los Angeles Times even focused a brief article solely on that material casualty of the fires. In a CNN piece on the fire's upsurge and continual damage, the loss of Flea's home was focused on anecdotally amid hard news reports, including statements from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other officials. It seems out of place to have one story of one famous person's house burning in a widespread wildfire. Losses are as yet innumerable, as the fires still rage. The focus on this particular loss was a bit excessive, since it wasn't the only home "burnt to a crisp," as Flea said in a text message to a Los Angeles Times reporter.