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University of Minnesota-Mankato accident victimes identified

As reported both in the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, two women returning from a sorority-sponsored night out were struck early Sunday morning by a 17-year-old driver, killing one and "severely" injuring the other. The Star Tribune reported the story as it if was working off an official press release, whereas the Pioneer Press version seemed to offer a more concrete sequence of events, with less left open for debate -- perhaps the Pioneer Press was able to establish contact with officials in the area, and that definitely strengthened the story. The Star Tribune story, it seemed in an effort to make its story more comprehensive, tied the incident back to one less than a month ago in which another student, a woman celebrating her 21st birthday, essentially drank herself to death. The two death in less than a month touching the same campus seems to be the angle the Star Tribune has chosen to take with the story, whereas the Pioneer Press is buying into the newsier approach of straight facts about the incident, at least at this point.