April 19, 2005

All Time Fav.

I know this might be a little "cliche" and I know many others may still agree with me on -"Friends" being the best TV show of all time. The show lasted for a number of years, I remember watching the characters on the show and in a way, looking up to them. I felt like I could identify with each of the characters at one point or another. Also, how I know that this is indeed my favorite show of all time is that I imagine myself being stranded on a desert island with nothing to do but watch friends re-runs until I know every single last line from the show, and I could see myself being ok with it- thats how I know- I don't and wouldn't mind the re-runs. In chapter nine, the concept of "postmodernism" and they use the show "Seinfeld" to describe how post modernism is about the process, not the product. They go on to talk baout how postmodernism causes one to questions themself and the context that it seems to fit within. I think "Friends" exhibits a lot of postmodernism because it was one of the first shows to address the how life really can be- the ups and the downs of life, but put in a light-hearted comedy way that people can laught at and say, "Hey, yea I've been there!" "Friends" both represented and helped perpetuate "the process" of how society was and how it was changing.

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April 11, 2005


I currently ride the light rail every day to campus, but after we were assigned this project my eyes were opened to how somnambylist I was being. My eyes were opened to the intricate details at each station and I noticed many more places between each stop.

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April 2, 2005

North Shore1

This is the place that my "yellow arrow" would point. This is a view from the shore of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. My family visits this location once a year. When I sit on the gigantic rocks that separate land from water, many thoughts flow through my mind, but I always seem to end up in complete peace. This view just seem to shout of the endless possibilities that life comes to offer.

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