Catch Up Update #2--The Hostel/Bridging Cultures

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This update will be shorter than the last, I promise.

Part One: the hostel....
During our orientation week in Cairns we stayed at a place called Gilligans, which was basically a backpacker's hostel meets nightclub. I shared a room with 4 other girls from my orientation group. Our room overlooked the pool/bar area. The hostel was a very lively place to stay at, with events going on pretty much every night.


Part two: bridging culture sessions...
As part of our bridging cultures program, we had 3 sessions in which we basically learned the dos and don'ts of Australia/cultural things. In simplest terms, do have a good time and be safe, don't be an idiot.

The sessions were led by a guy named Shane (who looked like Richard from Lost for those of you who know the show) and he showed us what to expect during our time here in the land down under....including the proper way to eat vegemite (gross). I'll skip over a lot of boring details about our sessions and rather leave you with this list of words, we got while playing bingo, that are used in Oz and what they mean.....

Ankle Biter-- Toddler/ Small Child
Bludger--Lazy Person
Smoko--Smoke Break
Sunnies--Sun Glasses
Thongs--Sandals/Flip Flops
Chunder--Throw Up
Sticky-Beak--Being Nosy
Ear Basher--Someone who talks your ear off
Shout--Round (as in a round of drinks)
Fairy Floss--Cotton Candy

Next Up: RainforeStaion
Then: Reef Day
Later: The Sad Update

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Here is another "funny" description:

Lady's room: "sheila's"

cangaroo: "roo"

men's room: Joey's

Enjoyed every so much catching up with you !

Don and Beatriz in Fort Worth - Texas

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