It's Tuesday on the island....


Well I'm not actually on an island, but it is Tuesday....and today has been great. Tuesdays are my day off from class, so they are normally spent catching up on some homework or out exploring the city. Today was different. Today I sat down and spent hours looking up flight information, hostel bookings, and trip itineraries, all trying to figure out my set plans for semester break and once school is done. I am glad to say that everything is worked out! Here's what my future (in terms of trips around Oz) looks like:

Semester Break:
Friday night--Jimmy Buffett concert in the Botanical Gardens
Saturday/Sunday--day trip to the Australia Zoo
Monday/Tuesday--meeting up with friends in Mt. Tamborine for a few days filled with wine tastings, horseback riding, waterfalls, and hiking. It should be amazing.

After school:
Dive trip: I'll be going on a 3day/3night liveaboard dive trip out of Cairns.....flying into Cairns Sunday, departing for the reef Monday, return to Thursday on a low-level flight over the Great Barrier Reef, back to Brisbane Friday. I'm really excited for this trip because I get to live on the ocean for 3 days and dive with human sized fish!

Sydney and Melbourne 2in1 trip:
I've done a lot of planning and figured the best way to get to both cities is to do them both in the same trip! Instead of flying Brisbane to Sydney and back, and then repeating that later for Melbourne, I'm now flying from Brisbane to Melbourne...spending a few days there (meeting up with my friend Sam, and going to the Great Ocean Road)...and then flying to Sydney from Melbourne (only $35) for a few days (getting to see Darling Harbour, the Opera House, and having a cheeseburger and pina colada at Margaritaville). I'll then return to Brisbane for another week or so before I get to see Gotye and then I'm home!



So jealous about Gotye! Hope you are having a blast! I can't wait to see you in December!

I am having the time of my life! I can't wait to see all of you back in Duluth! December 15th...Bentleyville.

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