This upcoming week is probably going to be one of my most hectic/stressful weeks during my time here in Australia. The reasoning behind this is because it is midterms.....I still can't believe I'm already halfway through my schooling this semester, it's crazy!

Within the next 9 days, this is what all will be happening:
Sunday: study, dive shop, design stuff, study
Monday: class, studio, class, design stuff, study
Tuesday: studio, study, design and print stuff, more studying
Wednesday: typo test, study, prep for critique, design stuff
Thursday: class, prep for critique, study, pack for weekend
Friday: studio/prep for critique, critique
Saturday: Dive Trip!!!
Sunday: Dive Trip!!!
Monday: critique, exam......

and then I'm done with the craziness that is midterms, where all professors have exams or projects due, and I'll only have 6 weeks left of classes.

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