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Jewellery and Small Objects final...


I figured I'd post the final outcome of my Jewellery and Small Objects class....

The project we worked on the entire semester was revolved around the idea of material culture which refers to the relationship between social relations and objects. In specific, we looked at how objects can show the culture and way of life of the person who once used this object if looked at many years later.

Being a scuba diver and having such a strong passion for diving, I chose to focus on the idea of the material culture of divers. The object I decided to create for class was a cover that would be used to wrap around my dive log--the one object in diving that records literally everything when it comes to diving. It records the people, the places, what we saw, the technical aspect of diving, etc. Basically, a dive log can be looked back upon years down the road and you would be able to tell the relationships, the memories, the places traveled, and in general a sense of what the diving world is like.

For my piece, I made the cover out of leather, with various cutouts riveted onto the front and back. All of the cutouts on the back panel represent different people that have had an impact on my history with diving... and then all the names of everyone I've dived with in the past are stamped into the frame. Being that this was the first time I've ever worked with metal like this, I am really happy with the results and I learned a lot over the semester in regards to various processes and techniques used in the world of metalsmithing.

So without further blabbing on about things, here are some pictures of my final piece......

Front cover...

and the back

Close ups of the cutouts....







"leave only bubbles" button on the front cover