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Jewellery and Small Objects final...


I figured I'd post the final outcome of my Jewellery and Small Objects class....

The project we worked on the entire semester was revolved around the idea of material culture which refers to the relationship between social relations and objects. In specific, we looked at how objects can show the culture and way of life of the person who once used this object if looked at many years later.

Being a scuba diver and having such a strong passion for diving, I chose to focus on the idea of the material culture of divers. The object I decided to create for class was a cover that would be used to wrap around my dive log--the one object in diving that records literally everything when it comes to diving. It records the people, the places, what we saw, the technical aspect of diving, etc. Basically, a dive log can be looked back upon years down the road and you would be able to tell the relationships, the memories, the places traveled, and in general a sense of what the diving world is like.

For my piece, I made the cover out of leather, with various cutouts riveted onto the front and back. All of the cutouts on the back panel represent different people that have had an impact on my history with diving... and then all the names of everyone I've dived with in the past are stamped into the frame. Being that this was the first time I've ever worked with metal like this, I am really happy with the results and I learned a lot over the semester in regards to various processes and techniques used in the world of metalsmithing.

So without further blabbing on about things, here are some pictures of my final piece......

Front cover...

and the back

Close ups of the cutouts....







"leave only bubbles" button on the front cover

School and Semester Break


Oh wow, it seems as though I have fallen behind again on updating. I've been quite the busy girl these past couple of weeks with having projects due for critique in every one of my courses as well as a few exams thrown into the mix. Ahhh the joys of midterms. Thankfully they are completed but now comes the waiting to hear back on how they all went.

Right now I am on semester break, which is still crazy to believe seeing as everyone back home (at least at UMD) is only in their fourth week. As soon as I start classes back up next week, there will officially be a mere four weeks left of regular classes. After that, there is a break week, which is to be used for studying, and then a week of final exams. Being that I am an art major and most of my finals are projects as opposed to exams, there is a high likelihood I won't actually have any finals during that exam week though. All of my critiques--or at least the ones I know of so far--are scheduled for the last day of or normal class. So what does this mean? It means I get an extra two weeks I didn't know I would have to explore some more of the local area of course!

So, semester break. It's supposed to be a nice break away from the stress of school, right? Wrong. I still have projects to work on and other things ended up happening that caused more stress than need be--unfortunately resulting in a falling out between someone I've known since kindergarten. However, it is nice to have a break away from needing to go to class on a daily basis and actually being able to work on my projects when I want to rather than worked in around my class schedule. My break isn't all projects and stress though...I've managed to work in a few enjoyable things into my week.

Last Saturday, four of us--Josh, Scott, Leah, and myself--took a mini road trip down to the Gold Coast for a day at the beach, in Surfer's Paradise. It sure was an odd experience driving (technically riding along) on the opposite side of the road as well as being in a car where everything was flip-flopped. Despite being thrown off by my surroundings in the car, the ride was an enjoyable can it not be when the first song played is "Don't You Forget About Me," from the Breakfast Club??? The beach was absolutely amazing. Again I say the ocean is one of my favorite things in the world; you can't help but love the smell of the air, the sand in your toes, the salt water against your skin, and that beach tangled hair. I was completely worn out by the end of our day full of tumbling along with the ocean waves. I'm pretty sure sand is the devil though seeing as it covers everything when you go to the beach...your hair, skin, clothes, bags, everything! While we were at Surfer's, we also ended up passing by the tattoo shop the leader from my Byron Bay orientation trip works at. Unfortunately I didn't get to see him and catch up though...he either was in the back working or out somewhere.

Sunday through to today I have been working a lot on a project for Digital Print Design....designing the packaging for a CD. I have to say I love projects like these. They are always quite fun to work on and beat studying for an exam any day. I just finished turning it in, so it's nice to feel productive and have one more thing checked off my list of school works to do. Now all that's left is to write an essay for my Music in Contemporary Contexts course.

Besides the work I've done for school over break, I've also started into the largest drawing I've ever done and I have to say it's probably my favorite to date (at least out of my drawings of people that is). The drawing is of Wally De Backer...more commonly know by his stage name, Gotye. I'll upload a picture of it once I'm finished with it, which will hopefully be later this week.

Either tonight or tomorrow during the day, I am going to see Hotel Transylvania. I'd rather be going to see Perks of Being a Wallflower but seeing as it apparently doesn't get to be released in Australia, I'm opting for the other movie...still excited to see it though. Plus, who can say no to a fun animated movie anyways? Gotta keep the child in you alive somehow!

This coming Saturday, a group of us--same group as Gold Coast, plus 4-5 more people-- were supposed to take a trip to Stradbroke Island (Straddie) but it got pushed back until next weekend. That trip should be a fun one when we actually go. Basically we are going to spend the day on the island, just hanging out at the beach, and then watching the sunset and camping out/grabbing a cheap hostel for the night. It should be nice and relaxing.

Seeing as this entry is quite lengthy, I think I'll wrap it up here. Sorry there are no pictures for this I said, I've been rather busy with projects that I just haven't bothered to take too many pictures. The next ones will definitely (I hope haha) have pictures to accompany them.




This upcoming week is probably going to be one of my most hectic/stressful weeks during my time here in Australia. The reasoning behind this is because it is midterms.....I still can't believe I'm already halfway through my schooling this semester, it's crazy!

Within the next 9 days, this is what all will be happening:
Sunday: study, dive shop, design stuff, study
Monday: class, studio, class, design stuff, study
Tuesday: studio, study, design and print stuff, more studying
Wednesday: typo test, study, prep for critique, design stuff
Thursday: class, prep for critique, study, pack for weekend
Friday: studio/prep for critique, critique
Saturday: Dive Trip!!!
Sunday: Dive Trip!!!
Monday: critique, exam......

and then I'm done with the craziness that is midterms, where all professors have exams or projects due, and I'll only have 6 weeks left of classes.

Life at Uni


The picture upload still isn't working, so no pictures for now. Not really sure why it's not working, but every time I try and upload photos, my internet freezes....I'll try uploading them from school/the library later this week. I think it may just be a problem with the internet at my apartment complex.

Anyways, here's an update about my life at uni and how it's different from life at UMD.....

During my time here in Oz, I am studying at Griffith University--South Bank Campus (which is home to the Queensland College of Art). I am enrolled in 4 courses that all transfer credit towards my BFA in Graphic Design back at UMD. The 4 courses I'm in are as follows:

  • Typographic Design--Tutorial (studio) on Mondays; Lecture Wednesdays

  • Digital Print Design--Tutorial Thursdays

  • Introduction to Jewellery and Small Objects--Tutorial Fridays

  • Music in Contemporary Contexts--Lecture Mondays

It's now week 6 of coursework for me and the main difference that I've observed compared to back home is the way classes are structured. Class meets only once a week (unless it has a lecture portion) as opposed to MWF or TTH back home and there are only 2 major grading (marking) criteria per course (at least most of them are this way). At UMD there is a lot of more homework and little assignments that are graded and count towards your final mark. Here, your mark is based mainly on the results of your mid-point and final project/exam with the occasional extra smaller assessments along the way (ex. in typo, my final project is worth 50% of my overall mark). Being that I am in week 6 already, I would have expected to already have multiple assignments turned in, but that is not the case. I've only had one semi-major assignment due so far. I have to say it is a bit odd. Another difference between schoolwork here and back home is the fact that here, it is a lot more self-taught/ self-driven. I have found that the professors back home seem to be a lot more helpful about things if you have questions or need, the professors seem to have the mindset that we should be able to figure it out on our own which is a bit unfortunate.

I don't really know what else to talk about in terms of school....I mean it's school, you get in a routine with your classes and not a whole lot changes week to week in terms of what is happening. I had planned on uploading pictures of the projects I've been working on, but since the uploading is not functioning properly at the moment, I guess that will just have to wait.