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School and Semester Break


Oh wow, it seems as though I have fallen behind again on updating. I've been quite the busy girl these past couple of weeks with having projects due for critique in every one of my courses as well as a few exams thrown into the mix. Ahhh the joys of midterms. Thankfully they are completed but now comes the waiting to hear back on how they all went.

Right now I am on semester break, which is still crazy to believe seeing as everyone back home (at least at UMD) is only in their fourth week. As soon as I start classes back up next week, there will officially be a mere four weeks left of regular classes. After that, there is a break week, which is to be used for studying, and then a week of final exams. Being that I am an art major and most of my finals are projects as opposed to exams, there is a high likelihood I won't actually have any finals during that exam week though. All of my critiques--or at least the ones I know of so far--are scheduled for the last day of or normal class. So what does this mean? It means I get an extra two weeks I didn't know I would have to explore some more of the local area of course!

So, semester break. It's supposed to be a nice break away from the stress of school, right? Wrong. I still have projects to work on and other things ended up happening that caused more stress than need be--unfortunately resulting in a falling out between someone I've known since kindergarten. However, it is nice to have a break away from needing to go to class on a daily basis and actually being able to work on my projects when I want to rather than worked in around my class schedule. My break isn't all projects and stress though...I've managed to work in a few enjoyable things into my week.

Last Saturday, four of us--Josh, Scott, Leah, and myself--took a mini road trip down to the Gold Coast for a day at the beach, in Surfer's Paradise. It sure was an odd experience driving (technically riding along) on the opposite side of the road as well as being in a car where everything was flip-flopped. Despite being thrown off by my surroundings in the car, the ride was an enjoyable can it not be when the first song played is "Don't You Forget About Me," from the Breakfast Club??? The beach was absolutely amazing. Again I say the ocean is one of my favorite things in the world; you can't help but love the smell of the air, the sand in your toes, the salt water against your skin, and that beach tangled hair. I was completely worn out by the end of our day full of tumbling along with the ocean waves. I'm pretty sure sand is the devil though seeing as it covers everything when you go to the beach...your hair, skin, clothes, bags, everything! While we were at Surfer's, we also ended up passing by the tattoo shop the leader from my Byron Bay orientation trip works at. Unfortunately I didn't get to see him and catch up though...he either was in the back working or out somewhere.

Sunday through to today I have been working a lot on a project for Digital Print Design....designing the packaging for a CD. I have to say I love projects like these. They are always quite fun to work on and beat studying for an exam any day. I just finished turning it in, so it's nice to feel productive and have one more thing checked off my list of school works to do. Now all that's left is to write an essay for my Music in Contemporary Contexts course.

Besides the work I've done for school over break, I've also started into the largest drawing I've ever done and I have to say it's probably my favorite to date (at least out of my drawings of people that is). The drawing is of Wally De Backer...more commonly know by his stage name, Gotye. I'll upload a picture of it once I'm finished with it, which will hopefully be later this week.

Either tonight or tomorrow during the day, I am going to see Hotel Transylvania. I'd rather be going to see Perks of Being a Wallflower but seeing as it apparently doesn't get to be released in Australia, I'm opting for the other movie...still excited to see it though. Plus, who can say no to a fun animated movie anyways? Gotta keep the child in you alive somehow!

This coming Saturday, a group of us--same group as Gold Coast, plus 4-5 more people-- were supposed to take a trip to Stradbroke Island (Straddie) but it got pushed back until next weekend. That trip should be a fun one when we actually go. Basically we are going to spend the day on the island, just hanging out at the beach, and then watching the sunset and camping out/grabbing a cheap hostel for the night. It should be nice and relaxing.

Seeing as this entry is quite lengthy, I think I'll wrap it up here. Sorry there are no pictures for this I said, I've been rather busy with projects that I just haven't bothered to take too many pictures. The next ones will definitely (I hope haha) have pictures to accompany them.


It's Tuesday on the island....


Well I'm not actually on an island, but it is Tuesday....and today has been great. Tuesdays are my day off from class, so they are normally spent catching up on some homework or out exploring the city. Today was different. Today I sat down and spent hours looking up flight information, hostel bookings, and trip itineraries, all trying to figure out my set plans for semester break and once school is done. I am glad to say that everything is worked out! Here's what my future (in terms of trips around Oz) looks like:

Semester Break:
Friday night--Jimmy Buffett concert in the Botanical Gardens
Saturday/Sunday--day trip to the Australia Zoo
Monday/Tuesday--meeting up with friends in Mt. Tamborine for a few days filled with wine tastings, horseback riding, waterfalls, and hiking. It should be amazing.

After school:
Dive trip: I'll be going on a 3day/3night liveaboard dive trip out of Cairns.....flying into Cairns Sunday, departing for the reef Monday, return to Thursday on a low-level flight over the Great Barrier Reef, back to Brisbane Friday. I'm really excited for this trip because I get to live on the ocean for 3 days and dive with human sized fish!

Sydney and Melbourne 2in1 trip:
I've done a lot of planning and figured the best way to get to both cities is to do them both in the same trip! Instead of flying Brisbane to Sydney and back, and then repeating that later for Melbourne, I'm now flying from Brisbane to Melbourne...spending a few days there (meeting up with my friend Sam, and going to the Great Ocean Road)...and then flying to Sydney from Melbourne (only $35) for a few days (getting to see Darling Harbour, the Opera House, and having a cheeseburger and pina colada at Margaritaville). I'll then return to Brisbane for another week or so before I get to see Gotye and then I'm home!


Called by the lure of the sea


I've decided that I'm done with all the catch-up updates....I've covered pretty much all the major things that have happened during my first 6 weeks here in Brisbane and I feel like if I were to update you all on how my everyday life is, it'd get real boring real quick. With having classes all in full swing again, I'm not out cuddling koalas or hiking to the most easterly point in Oz every weekend like I was the first two weeks here. Anyways, this update is more so an update of things I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks/months.....mostly pertaining to the ocean.

Back to the sea, back to the only place I want to be
I'm so excited to go diving again and I get to in a less than 2 weeks! On the 8th and 9th of September, I'm making my way back to Byron Bay with the local dive shop, Snorkel Safari, and going for a weekend trip full of diving. The best part of the weekend....SHARKS! and the possibility of seeing/hearing whales while we're diving. I'm pretty sure if I see or hear a whale, you guys will have to endure me going on and on and on about that experience. I also am planning on another dive trip towards the end of my time here in Oz....I'll be heading back up to Cairns, where I started my journey, and will be living on a boat for 4 days as I get to see the Great Barrier Reef up close and personal.
Great Ocean Road:
Sometime during my time here, either over my semester break or after school is out, I am heading down to Melbourne for a few days. The main reasoning behind this trip will be to spend a day on the Great Ocean Road, the perfect post-card picture place (try saying that 5 times fast). My friends Paige, Katie, Nathalie, and Kelly just took a weekend trip there and the pictures they came back with made me A) super jealous they got to go this past weekend and B) super excited for when I get to go later on. The other reasoning behind my trip to Melbourne (potentially) pertains to my next thing planned.....
Jimmy Buffett:
That's right, I am a parrothead. I love me some good ole Jimmy Buffett and now I'm getting the chance to see him live, in Australia! Needless to say, I freaked out when I heard he was officially planning on coming here....I had a hunch he would be since he has two of his Margaritaville restaurants opening later this year in Oz, but I didn't actually expect it to happen.

Speaking of concerts....
Two days before I'm on my way back home, I get to see Gotye in the botanic gardens in Brisbane. Pretty sure it's going to be one of my favorite concerts to date. He is such a musical genius....getting the inspiration for a base line for a song from a fence?!?! He is sure to put on a good show.

Back to Jimmy Buffett and his restaurants......

There's this one particular harbour

If I can, I want to make it down to Sydney for a couple of days, preferably towards the end of November. Why? One, it's Sydney and I feel like it's one of those "must see" places of Oz. Two, Margaritaville is set to open it's doors in November and I want to have my very own cheeseburger in paradise in one particular harbour.

That's all for the bigger side-trips I have planned for my time left in Australia, but I also have a few things planned for weekends....

  • Coming up in September, pretty much the whole month actually, is Brisbane Festival. There will be loads of new and exciting things to do during that time (the river is also lit up by lasers on a nightly basis).
  • A few of my Aussie friends are also taking a group of us camping one weekend (or multiple depending on timing) and also around to different places.
  • I'm going to make it over to the Gold Coast to visit my friends from my Bridging Cultures Program in Cairns.
  • A trip to the Australia Zoo (hopefully)....I grew up watching the crocodile hunter way too much to not go to his zoo
  • And who knows what else.....

That's it for now, stay tuned for updates for these events as they roll around!