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Unfortunately this book does not get much more exciting for me. Like I said in my post last week it is hard for me to pay attention to all the details when all they talk about in this book is abbreviations.
However, the world wide web takes off! Berners-Lee finally gets this project lauched and people are interested and using his product. At first it is more for people who use the NeXt computers and he tries to get the web more out there for everyone.

The market for this is obviously there and especially when you see the results on the stock market so fast. It is interesting to me that Burners-Lee is not in this for the money and especially after his newspaper mistake it is nice to see how he reacts to the press. This is a guy who is truly interested in his product and how to get it out and available to other people. However, can we believe this? If you think about how much money actually control us these days, I would almost call this man blind for not seeing the potential for making money in this web industry.

Later there is also talk about privacy and "cookies". First of all why would you call it that? I remember the first time I saw that word on my computer I had no clue what they were referring to. However, it has something to do with privacy settings and how the information you are looking at or about you can be transferred to other websites or computers. This is a scary thought, what if you have no idea what this means and then information keeps getting taken from you without being fully aware of it?

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I agree with you that this book is full of abbreviations,making it at times hard to follow. As for the him not being in it for the money, that didn't really surprise me, his attitude throughout the book was more geared towards trying to make the web public. He never came across as someone who would be in it for the money so that really didn't surprise me at all. Yes there was the potential to make a lot of money on the web, but there are many people who simply just don't care about money.

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