Rhetoric and the Internet

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One thing I found interesting about Tim Berners-Lee and from our discussion this morning was Berners-Lee's definition of the dictionary. On page 12, Berners-Lee states, "We think of a dictionary as a repository of meaning, but it defines words only in terms of other words." I think that this is a very good way to describe the meaning of words. Until we took a closer look into at this statement I never thought of the definition of words like that. I completely agree with Berners-Lee and would argue that the connection between words can go further.

I believe that rhetoric is always in use. When people are talking and acting in certain ways rhetoric is at its highest points. For instance, someone could be defining a word or using a metaphor to explain a situation. Another example, to help someone persuade another individual, a story often can help the person relate to the situation.

I think Berners-Lee does a good job describing a similar meaning to the Internet with his dictionary metaphor. I argue that connecting different ideas (rhetoric) is just like the Internet. Each website has rhetoric embedded within it whether its purpose is to educate, make a purchase, or to be informational for the intended audience. Each hypertext link makes the connection to another website creating value. The hypertext is a form of rhetoric trying to convince users to leave a page they are on to go to another. Over time, this web creates a huge connected mess of rhetoric.

It will be interesting to see where the Internet and rhetoric will go from here. I can't wait to learn about the next Tim Berners-Lee, the person that can visualize the next step of the Internet.

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I really like how you talked about how the internet is like connecting different ideas. Just thinking about all the different items on the internet and how they are always trying to convince you to go to a different page or do a certain thing, just all the advertisements themselves that are on almost every website. I would have to agree that rhetoric is everywhere.

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